About the Process

If you're not sure how the approval process works for this type of project you're not alone! City government can be very complicated. These are the basic steps:

  • The Neighborhood Council votes on their official recommendation. The full council will be voting at the February 8th meeting.
  • The recommendation of the Neighborhood Council is submitted to City Planning.
  • City Planning & the City Council determine if they will approve or deny the project permits, taking into consideration community comments & the recommendation of the Neighborhood Council.

We are fighting this proposed development every step of the way, but it is City Planning & the City Council who have the final say. This is why it is vital that we make them aware of how unequivocally this development is opposed by the community. 

7-Eleven has thus far applied for what is called a "Conditional Use Permit" which would allow them to operate a 24 hour store. When & if they apply for further permits, including liquor, we will oppose those as well in the strongest possible terms. 

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