Upcoming Neighborhood Council Meeting February 8th!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council's planning meeting on February 4th. We were so pleased that the committee recognized the danger the proposed 7-Eleven poses to the community & voted unanimously to reject their requested Conditional Use Permits. 

The next step is the full board meeting on Monday February 8th, where the neighborhood council will decide on their official recommendation to Los Angeles City Planning.

CLICK HERE for Zoom link to attend.

There are still several ways to express your concerns! 

Make your voice heard by:

Emailing the President of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council at George@myhunc.org (get a sample email HERE).

Attending the H.U.N.C. board meeting on February 8th at 6:30pm (via Zoom, meeting details at link).

Emailing 7-11's regional planning manager to tell them you oppose the development. Matthew.budney@7-eleven.com.

 the case managers from L.A. City Planning.
There are two case numbers and managers for this proposal.

1: ZA-2020-7462-CU Manger Danalynn Dominguez, danalynn.dominguez@lacity.org
2: ENV-2020-7463-CE Manager Jason Chan, Jason.Chan@lacity.org
You must include the case number in the subject line of your email. Click HERE for a sample email.

Thank you for your support & thank you to all who attended the February 4th planning meeting!