UPDATE on the February 8th H.U.N.C Meeting!

Thank you to everyone who came out to make their voices heard at tonight's Hollywood United Neighborhood Council full board meeting! Several council-members made note of how the community has never before been so united on an issue. Following the lead of the Planning Committee, the full H.U.N.C. board unanimously voted to deny 7-Eleven their requested 24 hour conditional use permits. 

This official recommendation is now sent to City Planning & City Council, where the final decision will eventually be made. 

H.U.N.C. recognized the proposed development's negative impact to neighborhood safety, traffic, habitability, aesthetics, & local business & we are confident that Los Angeles City Planning will take issue on these same fronts. The fight isn't over just yet however. 

We need all those who oppose the 7-Eleven at 6201 Franklin to email their concerns City Planning and the field managers for our City Council district. All emails appropriately addressed will be added to the official city case file & will make a big difference in the ultimate decision on this small business killing development. CLICK HERE for all the details you need to email the city.

Also feel free to directly email 7-Eleven corporate to let them know that they are unwanted in this community.

The community has won an important battle tonight & we're so grateful for your ongoing support! We will fight this all the way to the top & we will win!