City Planning Hearing update & THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended today's City Planning Hearing & made their voices heard! The sentiment of this community is clear, despite the lies & misrepresentations from 7-Eleven & their representatives. The way this neighborhood has banded together to oppose this community & small business killer is extraordinary & we should all be proud of our efforts.

To summarize the events of the hearing for those who were unable to attend:

The Zoning Administrator made no determination, & requested further information regarding a parking issue from the applicant (7-Eleven). The Administrator did also close the official file, which means no further public comment can be submitted at this time. 

The Zoning Administrator will take into considerations the several hundred letters of opposition, the public comments, the petition, & all the provided relevant data before making their determination. It is likely that this will not be a quick process & it is possible it could take 4 weeks or more. Be prepared for a bit of a wait!

No matter what the Zoning Administrator decides we have clear paths to victory! With an approval with stipulations, an approval without stipulations, or a denial we have many options for our next steps to fight this development. We are well on our way to victory!

What Now?

Now we wait. Any next steps will be decided by the Zoning Administrator's decision. As soon as we receive that we will move forward with our opposition in the best way possible. 

In the meantime, concerned neighbors can reach out to 7-Eleven corporate directly to express their resolve to fight this development at every possible turn. Please be respectful & let this corporation know we the community are not going to give up or fade away. For more details on contacting 7-Eleven CLICK HERE.

Constituents of CD4 are also encouraged to write our Councilmember, Nithya Ramen, & her office to express their dismay that she has not been more involved in this process & has thus far refused to fully support the small businesses of this community by not rejecting this development outright. Small business support & community organizing were two fundamental elements of the Councilmember's campaign, & showing up for neighborhoods is why she was voted into office. To contact Councilmember Ramen's office email: & CC the planning & field managers for this area, &

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS MADE THEIR VOICE HEARD! Stay tuned here for updates as soon as we have them. Community power!