Read 7-Eleven's Submitted Application!

 Read 7-Eleven's submitted City Planning application materials below. There are some interesting & misleading statements throughout their application, including that they will be providing a service not currently found within a one-half mile radius.

This is absolutely insane. Within 500 feet there are two nearly identical businesses, including one operating 24 hours. Within a half mile there are 7-Elevens at both Hollywood blvd & Gower street (0.4 miles), Yucca st  & Cahuenga Blvd (0.5 miles), as well as the existing convenience store (incorrectly labeled a “grocery store” in the application) less than 300 feet from the proposed site. There are also two CVS stores, one at Hollywood Blvd & Argyle Ave (0.3 miles), & one at Cahuenga Blvd & Yucca st (0.5 miles) which operates 24 hours. There are three gas stations with attached snack shops; the Mobile at Argyle Ave & Franklin Ave (299 feet), the 76 at Beachwood Dr & Franklin Ave (0.3 miles), as well as the Arco at Gower St & Franklin Ave (0.1 mile). Additionally, there are at least 15 other 7-Eleven stores within a two mile radius. To state that this proposed development provides ANY amenity not already readily found in the immediate vicinity is absurd. 

Perhaps most disturbingly the submitted application also demonstrates a complete disregard for the LA planning process; there are several sections either left blank (they fail to indicate that the proposed development is within 500 feet of a freeway for example) or which contain false information. It is clear 7-Eleven & its representatives have refused to do even the most basic due diligence at every turn.

Read 7-Eleven's full application materials below (click to enlarge) & make sure to attend the City Planning Hearing May 18th at 10:30am on Zoom. CLICK HERE for hearing details.