Monday May 17th: Last Day to Submit Written Objections to City Planning

 The City Planning Hearing for 7-Eleven's permit application is TOMORROW at 10:30 am on Zoom. For meeting details CLICK HERE.


Today is the last day to submit your written objections to be added to the official case file! If you haven't already, use the information below to email City Planning, as well as our Councilmember's office to express your objections!

There are two case numbers for this project, each with their own Case Manager.  You can send one email & CC all of the below individuals.

ZA-2020-7462-CU Managed by: Danalynn Dominguez. Email:

ENV-2020-7643-CE Managed by: Jason Chan. Email:

CC our district planning & field managers are: Meg Healy ( & Sarah Tanberg (

You can also CC the planning & field managers of district 13, which begins just across Franklin ave from us in CD4. They are: Sean Starkey ( & Craig Bullock (

You must put the case numbers in the subject line of your email.

More information about emailing City Planning & some sample email content can be found HERE.