What's Next? Contact 7-Eleven Corporate!

(Read below for a sample email to send 7-Eleven).

We are pleased that the City Zoning Administrator denied 7-Eleven's request for a 24 hour conditional use permit, but this development isn't stopped just yet.

A group of community members supported by multiple local neighborhood & homeowners associations are working to appeal the approvals that were granted, as well as contesting the zoning & use determinations.

While we work on getting those legal processes off the ground we're asking the community to contact 7-Eleven corporate–both the C.E.O. & the Project Manager for this region–& let them know that this community is unanimous in its opposition to the development. We will continue to fight, we will not be silent, & we will muck up the works every step of the way.

We're fighting this from every possible angle. If you're able, donate to our GoFundMe to support our legal fees.  

Here's how you do it:

Email the regional project manager, Matthew Budney at Matthew.budney@7-eleven.com & cc the CEO, Joseph DePinto, at: joseph.depinto@7-11.com.

Make sure you mention the specific location: 6201 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

See a sample email below. Remember: we want to be firm but not vitriolic for best results. 



Dear Mr. Budney,

After reviewing the Letter of Determination by Assistant Zoning Administrator Jonathan Hersey regarding your request for CUP for 24-hour operation at the proposed 7-Eleven at 6200 Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, California. I am very pleased that Mr. Hershey DENIED the request for 24-hour operation.

We the residents of this community strongly urge you to abandon plans for a 7-Eleven at this location. 

As you are certainly aware, the entire community came out in force for the Planning Department hearing on the CUP to adamantly and consistently voice their opposition to this project and their reasons for opposing it. Not one single person outside your team spoke in favor of the project.

 If 7-Eleven corporate continues to pursue forcing this project on our neighborhood in the face of our overwhelming and unified opposition, the community will mount a continued & sustained boycott campaign — including but not limited to sidewalk picketing, neighborhood signage, and negative posts on social media— which will attract local, regional, and possibly national news coverage aimed at exposing the corporate greed driving 7-Eleven & its destruction of our community.

We sincerely hope that Mr. Cesar Cevara will find a suitable business to which to sell his property. But our community has made it abundantly clear that a 7-Eleven is neither needed nor wanted in our neighborhood.