Don't Be Fooled – The Fight Isn't Over

Recently certain untruths about the proposed 7-Eleven project at 6201 Franklin have been circulating through the neighborhood & across social media. This has been brought to our attention by several community members who were confused about what is going on.

Despite the city's denial of a permit for 24 hours of operation, the 7-Eleven development is continuing. Anyone claiming otherwise is either misinformed or deliberately lying. We are fighting it first with an appeal of City Planning's decisions regarding the CEQA exemptions, traffic studies,  & hours of operation & we will continue with further litigation as required. If you're able, please support our legal fees GoFundMe.

Again, 7-Eleven is continuing its plan to develop the property at 6201 Franklin ave. The current property owners (who are not usually on site at the address) are continuing their relationship with 7-Eleven corporate with every intention of forcing this vehemently opposed development on the community. One of the property owners spoke at the City Planning Hearing & stated clearly that they were intent on moving forward no matter what determination was reached by the Zoning Administrator. The documents pertaining to this case & proposed development are public record & can be requested from City Planning by any resident. You can also read both the determination & 7-Eleven's application on this site. Do not be fooled by disinformation. 

When 7-Eleven pulls out of this ridiculous project we will update this site accordingly. Until then we will fight this community killer with every tool at our disposal.