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Dear Area Planning Commission,

In 2021, the proposal to build a 7-Eleven at 6201 Franklin Avenue was formally submitted to the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council for review. Following a presentation by 7-Eleven that was lacking in both concrete data and compassion for community concerns, the council opened the floor to hear comments from residents. After nearly an hour and a half of hearing objections, the council called for a vote from those in attendance to gauge public interest in the project. The community voted overwhelmingly 65-3 against allowing a 24-hour 7-Eleven to be developed in our neighborhood (with the only votes in favor coming from those planning the project).

After reviewing more public concerns, considering the multiple letters of opposition submitted by area homeowners and civic associations, and hearing from the owners of local businesses on Franklin Avenue expressing their concerns about the project, the neighborhood council formally voted to deny 7-Eleven’s request to build a 24 hour location at 6201 Franklin Ave, and agreed to send this recommendation to LA City Planning. The residents of our community firmly support our Neighborhood Council’s decision and feel compelled to express our continued opposition to this dangerous project.

Despite our united opposition & universal concern regarding this project’s impacts on already dangerous traffic congestion as well as its untold environmental implications, City Planning approved 7-Eleven’s fraudulently requested CEQA exemptions & allowed for extended hours without requiring the developers provide any traffic or environmental reports to support their absurd position that such a business would have no negative impact on the community. City Planning also failed to address the multiple lies in 7-Eleven’s submitted materials, including claiming they are not in a Freeway Adjacent Zone which anyone with Google maps can disprove. While City Planning failed us, the residents of Franklin Village remain steadfast in their refusal to allow this project to move forward in any shape or form. Today, we are appealing City Planning’s clearly erroneous decisions and once again asking that our valid concerns be taken seriously and addressed before any project is allowed to continue. 7-Eleven MUST provide a traffic study to examine their impacts on the heavily congested Franklin Ave 101 Freeway on-ramp. They likewise MUST provide an environmental study which lays out how they will safely transform a car repair garage with open CalEPA violations into a safe and healthy area to sell food.

Over the last three months, a majority of Franklin Avenue between Franklin/Western and Franklin/Argyle was closed or detoured in order to make repairs to parts of an underground electrical system. This included sectioning off entire blocks and limiting traffic on an already congested two-lane street to one lane from Franklin/Gower to Franklin/Argyle. The chaos this caused alone should be enough to demonstrate that having to navigate Franklin Avenue with the added traffic created by a major chain (one which relies on frequent in-and-out customers) would be extremely dangerous. The danger, however, is already well known, as it is outlined in a November 2020 Traffic Control memo which encourages the insertion of a traffic diversion at Franklin ave and Vista Del Mar ave to address that deadly intersection. How this memo exists and 7-Eleven has still been allowed to proceed without, at minimum, a traffic study is almost incomprehensible.

The LA City Planning mission statement claims it exists to “create and implement plans, policies, and programs that realize a vision of Los Angeles as a collection of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods — each with a distinct sense of place, based on a foundation of mobility, economic vitality, and improved quality of life for all residents.” With all due respect, allowing a 24 hour 7-Eleven to invade into our neighborhood, destroy existing locally own businesses offering identical services,  and turn our walkable community into a dangerous health hazard without even the pretense of study to inform decisions on these issues, goes directly against every single word in that mission statement.

This is a quiet residential area that has, through the Hollywood Community Plan and the ongoing efforts of our neighborhood council and civic associations, thus far resisted mass corporatization of the North of Franklin Ave. There is absolutely no need for a 24 hour convenience store of any kind in this area. If a resident wishes to patronize a 7-Eleven there are 15 within a 2 mile radius for them to choose from. In fact, 7-Eleven operates more than 70,000 stores in 17 countries, including 11,800 in North America alone. Denying them the opportunity to commercialize our residential area, poison our environment, & congest our streets, will have zero impact on their bottom line, but will make all the difference for this community, its habitability, & its safety. This our home. Please don't let a 24 hour 7-Eleven destroy it.

I sincerely hope the Area Planning Commission will see this project for the dangerous haphazard cash-grab it is and reject it whole cloth.

Thank you,