Post Appeal Run Down - We Won!

Thank you to everyone for their support during the last 14 months! We have truly shown what it means to have community power. We succeeded in overruling City Planning's original decisions on the proposed development at 6201 Franklin! 🎉

Does that mean 7-Eleven can't build here?
Unfortunately, no. This piece of land is what's called "by-right" so the city has only limited power to restrict development. However, due to the vocal community opposition & restrictions put on their potential operating hours we believe 7-Eleven would be wise in pulling out of the project. Since no representative from 7-Eleven spoke at the A.P.C. hearing we have reached out to their corporate offices to discuss their position on continuing or abandoning their development. If further action is required, or there are any updates, we will be the FIRST to let the community know.

NOW IT'S TIME TO SAY THANKS! Council District 4 really listened to the concerns of this community & stood up for us. The testimony of their Planning Director at the A.P.C. hearing was an incredible show of support. If you previously emailed CD4 asking for their input (or even if you didn't) now would be a great time to email again saying thanks! We are very grateful for the efforts of their office!

Email Helene Rotolo, Field Deputy, at
Helene was instrumental in briging the many issues with 7-Eleven's application to the attention of the Council-member and their planning department.

Email Mashael Majid, Planning Director, at
Mashael's testimony at the A.P.C. hearing was an incredible show of support to this community, & a clear sign that the council office is listening to constituent concerns.

Throughout this process we have been overwhelmed by the community support and out of respect to this neighborhood have worked to be as transparent as possible. We will continue to share any information or development we receive. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GOT INVOLVED! ⚡️