Our appeal hearing with the Area Planning Commission is TODAY after 4:30pm on Zoom

January 11th, 2022
after 4:30pm.
on Zoom 

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 86456888016
Passcode: 044929

Members of the public will be given 1 minute to voice their concerns.

Not sure what to say? These are the community's main concerns:

 1: The traffic - without a recent & comprehensive traffic study it is impossible to know the full impact of the addition of a high volume commercial business on our community. Due to the proposed location, less than 500 feet from a freeway on-ramp, a traffic study should be required per City regulations. A traffic study must be performed before the project is allowed to continue.

2: The environment - the proposed site has open CalEPA violations and it is unknown what environmental mitigations have been done since its remodel from a gas station to a repair shop. There is no recent information regarding the environmental impact of developing this piece of property & the community deserves to know what potential health hazards are lurking here. Additionally, 7-Eleven was granted exemptions from the California Environmental Quality Guidelines (CEQA) that this piece of land does not qualify for. The applicant must provide a full environmental review before being allowed to proceed.

3: The applicant's dishonesty - there are misrepresentations and outright lies throughout 7-Eleven's submitted application materials. If any mom & pop small business attempted to submit city documents riddled with falsehoods their permits would be denied, 7-Eleven should not receive special treatment and be allowed to make a mockery of the approvals process.

4: Community sentiment - this proposed development has been vehemently opposed by nearly every member of the community from the very beginning. We have been clear about what our community needs and what is a danger to us and our neighborhood. A deeply despised international chain should not be forced upon us and allowed to destroy our community of local businesses.

Read the hearing agenda HERE.

We'll see you there!