Statement of Opposition

We the community members of Franklin Village, Hollywood Dell, Beachwood Canyon, & the Hollywood Hills strongly oppose the proposed development of a 7-Eleven store at 6201 Franklin Ave. Our core objections are threefold:

First: The increase in crime—primarily theft, vandalism, & car break-ins directly tied to 7-Eleven stores nationally—will destroy the safety & walk-ability of this neighborhood (issues which we are already struggling with), & bring perpetrators further into a residential area. Vehicles parked along Dix street overnight are currently facing regular break-ins & theft, & a 24 hour 7-Eleven will do nothing but worsen this issue.

Second: Traffic. In an area that is already unacceptably congested, the addition of a nearly three thousand square foot store will exacerbate existing traffic issues as well as further reduce available street parking for residents. The increase in vehicles stuck on Franklin avenue just before a major freeway entrance is likewise dangerous for both resident health & pedestrian safety, on top of its negative environmental impact.

Third: This corporate chain brings nothing of value to the community. We are surrounded by other 7-Elevens, including two in just a half mile radius, & have our own much loved family owned neighborhood convenience store less than 200 feet from the proposed development site. The owners of Hollywood Super Mart actually care about this community, support other California businesses, & look out for our neighbors.

A 24 hour chain that causes a demonstrated increase in frequently violent crime & endangers area residents' health as well as their safety is unacceptable for this community & should be rejected unequivocally.

-The community.

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Contact 7-Eleven corporate & tell them NO.