What You Can Do

Our appeal hearing with the Area Planning Commission on January 11th went very well! Read our post appeal run-down (spoiler alert, we won)!

What you can do:

Email Council District 4's office to thank them for their support at the A.P.C. hearing on January 11th. Field Deputy Helene Rotolo & Planning Director Mashael Majid made a huge impact on the Commission's decision to overrule City Planning's earlier decisions. They took the time to consider the community opposition & investigate the issues. Even our attorney  was bowled over by their unequivocal support. 

Helene Rotolo, Field Deputy, at helene.rotolo@lacity.org

Mashael Majid, Planning Director, at mashael.majid@lacity.org

Open a pre-addressed email by clicking here .


If any further action is required we will be the first to let you know!